With a combined experience that spans decades,

we have served customers and patrons in almost every industry.


Internet. Retail. E-Commerce.

Government. E-Government. Defense. Smart Cities. Transportation.

Sciences. Environment. Weather. Rescue and Relief.

Open Source. Healthcare. Education. Animation.

Energy. Utilities. Telecommunications.

Agriculture. Manufacturing. Banking. Finance. Insurance.

Food. Beverage. Restaurants. Malls.

  Aerospace. Outerspace. Quantum Computing.


It has been a privilege.

We built and are continuously building a company we can be proud of, not just for the profits most hope will prove their worth or others will envy; but rather, because we have done good by ourselves through the value we have crafted with and for others.

Our customers are half the reason for our being; the other half is ourselves.

If you really think about it, what moves things forward is half practicality and half imagination. It is half serving the known needs of the present while the other half is pursuing a vision learned from lessons with everyone — sprinkled generously with a curious imagination of what is possible in the future.


We model our methodologies along the lines of nature

more than the lines of industrial and mechanical perspectives.

We believe that all of this is an ecosystem or

a system of systems which we are a part of.

We make the most of the hands we are dealt with.

For the rest of the gaps,

we bond with our band of brothers, sisters, friends, and family.

Competition is really not our thing.

We dream dreams, set sights, establish standards, prepare strengths,

build alliances, cooperate on common goals, and just get going.


Legendary. Integrity. Learning. Communication And Collaboration. A Positive And Can-Do Spirit. Agility. A Little Touch Of Magic.


These are but a few essentials that inspires us, defines us, meshes with everything we do.


But while having values appear to be meant for others’ appreciation, this is really for us.


This is us. Win or lose.