Executing with discipline, organization, and determination,

quality is never an accident;

it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,

intelligent direction, and skillful execution;

it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.


We are thinking and operating at an ever wider breadth and deeper depth of abstractions and domains of concerns. Complexity in the number of moving parts and in the possible number of states a single or series of systems are growing incredible pace. And yet, we are required more than ever to think beyond systems of records and towards a systems of engagements between machines, organics, and with each other.


At ZedOptima, we have baked this integrative, systems thinking into every aspect of our organisation and our work. It is not a value-added service, but a fundamental service component. We have worked on the most complex types of critical and carrier-grade challenges from different business and functional domains. We bring this practice at the table every time.


Insight. Initiate. Iterate. Introspect. Inform.

Do it all over again. And again. And again… Drops of rain break a rock, not by violence, but by often falling.

This is a cornerstone to our culture and ways — major progress driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence writ small.

The concept is simple and easy to do. The only hard part is our need for a strangehold on control.

Small is beautiful when harnessed correctly and consistently Let us craft big wonders from small ones.


Diverge + Converge.

Feasibility + Viability + Likeability.

Open. Fun. Colour. Category. Partitioning.

Additive. Substractive. Multiplicative.

Associative. Commutative.

Communications. Perception.

Value. Utility.

Manufacturability. Scalability. Adaptability.

Aesthetics. Graphics. Senses. Touch. Smell. Taste.

Direct. Nuanced.

Just a few working concepts and guidelines that drives the way we perceive, approach, and actually do design.

It is simple enough, that is until you realise the dynamism of designing for people beyond oneself.

There is both method to the madness, as well as that tinge of madness to drive the method forward when we find ourselves swirling in a vortex going nowhere.

Let us navigate the waters with you.


Seek freedom and become captive to your desires.

Seek discipline and find your liberty.

There is immense benefit to establishing a cadence of competence in a group. Innovations has been wielded here and then, as an anti-routine or an anti-process sort of thing; it is just about the new or the better and not about optimisation. This is fair and true to a point, of course.

Ask anyone who has really done it and most will tell you of the importance of a reliable platform that allows them stability to focus on improving things. A well-honed engineering practice is one of them.

This both assures execution is done correctly, whether designs and assumptions are valid or otherwise.

Let us put back sanity to the process.


Among the many skills and virtues a company can espouse, two are underappreciated or given lip-service only. Learning capacity and empathy. One is the humble acceptance of our inadequacy and the need to keep improving. The other is the acknowledgement that we need to learn from another.

Only when we espouse that essential mix of curiosity, humility, and openness that we learn. When you keep learning, you can keep building momentum. Restore that sense of wonder.


The knowledge of the past. This wisdom of the ages.

You have probably heard it at some point: we can't learn from all mistakes, we simply do not have time to make all of them. We have to learn from another. A culture of learning with a culture of sharing that intangible insight makes all the difference. Our mentors come from all directions and all walks of life. We seek them out, in person and through literature.

In a time when there is much resources and materials to be consumed, it seems the capacity to read and focus, let alone learn and assimilate is becoming a luxury. Your first mission as members of ZedOptima is reading; lots of it. If you are not into that, you will just find us rubbish. We can only best serve our customers and partners well if we ourselves become masters of learning and sharing. How else can we say we know and we are proficient? Let us build a community with you.


Strategies do not win battles and wars. Logistics does. A small army can defeat a far larger one if it can out-mobilise and out-maneuver it. At ZedOptima, we do not confuse number with expertise. Size do not always translate to strength.

When all competitive advantage are in flux and ephemeral, we cannot afford rigidity and dogma. We cannot fall into a trap of paralysis by analysis either. Times have changed. The times will keep changing. Ready to catch the wave?


Unleashing the knowledge economy has liberated possibilities unseen in history.

While this did not lower boundaries equally for all, it has eased the barriers to entry to power create of value.

It is now a time for less competition and more cooperation.

Amplifying ones reach and impact has never been more accessible to people who wishes to make a difference.

Ready to set free your potential?


The reality is that it is all the same.

Different angles. Different perspectives. Different levels. Different people. Different scale. Different concerns. Different economics.

But the pattern is the same.

Whether it is for small projects, consulting projects, internal projects, multi-project programmes, and large-scale initiatives, it is a problem-solving process that is done with key parameters that defines what is possible and what is not.

The difference may stem in the humanity we put in.

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

It begins with people.

Let us start making a difference, together.


Bringing service down to a science. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Quality. Quality. Quality.

Businesses want to make the most of each and every investment they make. Efficiency and predictability in execution is a key ingredient to this. It does require us to think about events that are statistically improbable. Small and far-fetched as they are, these key events and areas are company and reputation destroyers.

Our parameters for excellence must not be limited to automation and mechanistic reactions and scripts. These are extremely important but it does not complete the story.

Excellence shines most when the going gets tough and improvisation and resourcefulness is called upon to save the day.

At your service.


The cornerstone of operations is abstracting consistency.

Built on top of people, processes, tools, technology, communications, methodologies, continuous improvements, and operations management is about keeping the lights on with economy and grace.

Problems come and go and troubles brew incessantly.

What separates the best from what is simply functioning is the deft hand that gives confidence, not just reports that all is A-Ok when issues are swept under the rug.

At ZedOptima, operations is considered the underlying machinery that powers the world.

Building excellence for the everyday and the every now and then?